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Scaffolding is extremely useful for any project that requires you to reach high-up places. Fortunately, it is easy and surprisingly affordable to get the scaffolding you need. Once you get it, however, it is very important that you and all of your workers know how to stay safe around it.

One way to increase your safety and the safety of your employees is by only hiring qualified workers for your projects. Here are some more safety tips that can help you immensely when using scaffolding.Type your paragraph here.

Have Regular Inspections Performed

The amount of time for which you will need and use your scaffolding varies depending on the specific project and how long it will take.

However, whether you have your scaffolding for a day, a week, month or longer, it is imperative that you have it professionally inspected on a regular basis. The state in which you live will likely mandate how often you must have your scaffolding inspected, so following local laws is a good way to ensure that you are meeting the appropriate safety standards.

By following these rules and having regular inspections performed, you can greatly reduce the chances of injury or harm coming to you, one of your workers, or anyone else who may come onto the project site.

Know and Obey the Scaffold's Load Rating

The dangers associated with scaffolds and falling from them are very real. It is for this reason that many safety measures have been put in place for scaffolds.

One such safety measure is something known as a load rating. Each and every quality scaffold will come with a load rating, which will dictate how much weight a particular scaffold can safely support. You absolutely have to follow the load rating for your scaffolds. If you do not, you risk collapse and serious disaster, as well as the liability that goes along with these dangers.

Insist on Proper Attire

In addition to following these basic safety tips, you will also want to make sure that everyone who uses your scaffolding wears the proper safety gear at all times. Enforce these rules stringently, no matter what.

Perhaps the most important piece of safety gear that members of your crew should wear is a hard hat. This will help to prevent concussions, brain injuries and other serious issues if someone falls or trips while working on the scaffold.

Quality, non-skid boots are also imperative when it comes to working on or with scaffolding. The right shoes can mean the difference between falling and being seriously injured and having sure footing, so they are an absolute necessity.

Use Scaffolding Only on Stable Ground

Another thing that you will want to keep in mind is that where you use your scaffolding is almost as important as how you use it. What this means, in simple terms, is that you should always use your scaffolding on firm, stable ground.

You do not want weak or overly moist ground that will allow the scaffolding to sink into it, thereby becoming less stable and secure, nor do you want hilly or rocky ground that can also decrease stability and overall safety.

As you can see, there are many things that you can do to increase the safety of everyone involved when it comes to using scaffolding. With that said, safety begins with using quality, reliable scaffolding that has been designed to meet industry standards. To ensure that you get this level of quality scaffolding, know that you can count on Advanced Scaffold Solutions.

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Tips for Staying Safe When Using Scaffolding