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Avoiding Common Mistakes People Make With Their Scaffolding

While scaffolding is safe when erected properly and used in the right way, there are still many accidents that can occur if you or your crew aren't careful. Here's how to avoid the most common mistakes and accidents that can come from improper use of scaffolding.

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Five Advantages Aluminum Scaffolding Has To Offer Over Steel Scaffolding

Anyone who works in the construction business is most likely familiar with scaffolding. Scaffolds provide construction workers with a temporary platform on which to work and are most commonly used when either building, repairing or cleaning a structure. While scaffolds are useful for working on buildings such as skyscrapers or high rises, they can be used whenever it is necessary to use a platform from which to work.

Scaffolds are generally made out of steel or aluminum, but for those who work in construction, there are many advantages to using aluminum scaffolds. Here are five advantages that aluminum scaffolding has to offer over steel scaffolding.

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8 Steps to Put Up Scaffolding at Your Worksite

Proper scaffolding is essential to carrying out many different types of construction project. If you're working on constructing a building with multiple floors, you need scaffolding so that workers can access the areas they’re working on.

If you rent or purchase scaffolding equipment for a construction project, you have to properly put it up to ensure that it works effectively and safely. Here are eight steps to setting up scaffolding at your site.

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Tips for Staying Safe When Using Scaffolding

Scaffolding is extremely useful for any project that requires you to reach high-up places. Fortunately, it is easy and surprisingly affordable to get the scaffolding you need. Once you get it, however, it is very important that you and all of your workers know how to stay safe around it.

One way to increase your safety and the safety of your employees is by only hiring qualified workers for your projects. Here are some more safety tips that can help you immensely when using scaffolding.

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What Type Of Scaffolding Do You Need?

Scaffolding is a necessity for many construction and other projects. If you are new to using scaffolding or you need a new type of scaffolding you're unfamiliar with, you can find yourself overwhelmed with the amount of options available. Knowing a little about the most common types can help you figure out which type of scaffolding may work best for your project.

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