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Aluminum Scaffolding is Lightweight

Even though aluminum scaffolding can cost more than scaffolds made out of steel, scaffolding made out of aluminum weighs much less. In fact, an aluminum scaffold that is 5 1/2 feet tall weighs half as much as one made out of steel.

Because of its light weight, not only is aluminum scaffolding easier to transport from one location to the next, but also it is easier to erect and dismantle when on the job site.

Less Labor Required for Aluminum Scaffolding

When aluminum scaffolding is used instead of scaffolds made out of steel, there is generally less labor required. Not only is less manpower needed, but also cranes might not be needed either. Because not as much labor is necessary when working with aluminum scaffolding, it minimizes the risk of injuries and lifting incidences while on the job.

If you still need to be convinced that aluminum scaffolding requires less labor, consider this: when aluminum scaffolding is used instead of steel scaffolding, only two men may be required to erect and dismantle it as opposed to four men. Also, aluminum scaffolding can be transported in a smaller truck.

Aluminum Scaffolding Has a Variety of Uses

No matter what kind of job you need a scaffold for, aluminum scaffolding has a variety of uses. Here are just a few of them:

  • Span scaffolds - rolling towers that can get erected without the need for any tools
  • Folding base scaffolds - unfolds and locks into place to provide an instant base
  • Stairwell base scaffolds - provides a level base that is specifically designed for stairwell use

Besides these types of scaffolds, custom scaffolds can also be made out of aluminum.

Aluminum Scaffolding Lasts Longer

If scaffolding made out of aluminum gets scratched, it forms an oxidized layer that helps to protect the inner core. This natural layer of aluminum oxide prevents the metal underneath it from getting exposed to air and oxygen. Compare this when scratching scaffolding made out of steel, which can potentially rust and will eventually weaken the structure of the scaffold.

Even after aluminum scaffolding gets used over and over again, and gets exposed to the elements, it won't chip or rust. Aluminum is also known for being dent resistant and more resilient, which not only makes it durable, but also helps it to last longer.

Aluminum Scaffolding Goes Up More Quickly

Scaffolding made out of aluminum is easier to set up in general, and also goes up more quickly than scaffolding made out of steel. Aluminum scaffolding comes equipped with high strength casters making installation fast and easy. Its building blocks combination design usually doesn't require any kind of installation tools.

Because they are so easy to assemble and take apart, construction workers can get from one job site to another with minimal downtime.

If you are in need of aluminum scaffolding, contact Advanced Scaffold Solutions. We can provide you with just the right scaffold that will help you get the job done in a safe and timely manner.

Five Advantages Aluminum Scaffolding Has To Offer Over Steel Scaffolding

Anyone who works in the construction business is most likely familiar with scaffolding. Scaffolds provide construction workers with a temporary platform on which to work and are most commonly used when either building, repairing or cleaning a structure. While scaffolds are useful for working on buildings such as skyscrapers or high rises, they can be used whenever it is necessary to use a platform from which to work.

Scaffolds are generally made out of steel or aluminum, but for those who work in construction, there are many advantages to using aluminum scaffolds. Here are five advantages that aluminum scaffolding has to offer over steel scaffolding.